The NZ Hydropower Coalition
A proven supplier of small hydropower solutions to the Asia Pacific region for many years.

New Zealand is a nation built on hydro power, with over 50% of generation from river water.

New Zealand hydro power experts are available to Asia/Pacific nations, to assist with local projects, big and small.
Their skills and experience can make your project a success.

The New Zealand Hydro Power Coalition was formed in 2018 to bring all those skills into one coordinated agency.
These highly experienced companies have worked together on multiple projects over the last 15 years.
Together they have delivered:

  • Accurate system design
  • Cost effective hydro systems
  • Realistic budget and timeframes
  • Quality and complete designs
  • Quality and reliable equipment selection, acquisition, and installation

Contact the New Zealand Hydro Power Coalition for:

  • Hydro power project scoping, and feasibility
  • Civil design, and construction
  • Pipe line design, and construction
  • Hydro turbine design, construction, and commissioning
  • Electrical design, construction, training and commissioning

Your inquiry can be made to any of the Hydro power design experts in the coalition.
These senior engineers have extensive experience in successfully delivering HydroPower systems to remote Asia Pacific locations.